Only Senior Engineers


Robust Technologies

UX/UI, QA & DevOps

Reliable Nearshore

Engineers Available

5 per stack ready to work at your call

Augmentation Service

Increase your Delivery power 1-to-1

Dedicated Service

Fixed Price / Managed Scope Teams

Development Center

25 people room in Caracas, VE

Management Team

Fabiola Kum
Fabiola Kum

Fabiola Kum

Legal Services

Honest and Accurate when handling contractors and customers affairs.
Raúl da Silva
Raúl da Silva

Raúl da Silva

Country Manager

Let's get the right people and fair conditions to make your idea happen.
Juan Pablo Silva
Juan Pablo Silva

Juan Pablo Silva

Language Services

Wide experience in communication with nearshore clients.

The Smart UX/UI Experience

Using your brand assets, our process begins by building a Navigation Map for all your User Stories. At the same time we model the App Workflow by making Wireframes and the final imagery through Navigable Prototypes

UX Analysis is the Cornerstone of UI Success and We will achieve it working together in All Stages

The final touch is to Build the Layout for any platform completing a UX/UI to WOW your Customers!


Why Choose Us

Because your Project needs careful Nourishment

People, Processes and Technologies on a balanced mix. When it’s time to build or renew your App or software project you think Big. Our only-senior Staff teams play Big too, starting from knowing well your needs and mastering our agile process through with the right technologies selection and tools.

We garden our business to Scale Up with Yours

All our game is for the long run. Our mission is to become a trusted source of software engineering teams. We customize our software delivery through Automation as the way to manage your codebase with us and Grow Big with control and flexibility.

There’s no long-term without short-term, so we provide Dedicated and On-demand services as well.

We have what it takes to get your next Software done

We trim all branches of the tree.

  • Front End: React, Angular, Javascript frameworks.
  • Back End: NodeJS, Python, PHP.
  • Mobile: Native iOS and Android languages, React Native and Ionic.
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, Firebase, MongoDB.
  • Cloud: Google, AWS, others.
  • Agile, User Stories and Codebase (Build, Test, and Distribute): JIRA, BitBucket, Git, Pipelines, Microsoft App Center.

Your next Project is?

We cherish your time.
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