Augmentation is a management model commonly used in Software Development. Many IT related companies hire internal teams to complete projects.

However, as work moves forward, you may have to complete tasks, or work on a specific technology or simply add more “horsepower” to your project.

Add that extra help needed right on cue

If any of these scenarios seem familiar, read along to find out what we think are some advantages of hiring through Staff Augmentation.

Your project is ongoing, and suddenly your Project Manager reports some steps are slowing down delivery because there is a knowledge gap. No one in your team has the skills. Should you start searching for a candidate? What happens with your project progress meanwhile? Augmentation allows you to add that extra help needed right on cue.

Scale your team

One of the biggest challenges in the world of software development is recruitment. Finding the right candidates, with enough experience and skills at the right price, at the right time, can be extremely costly and time consuming.

As you keep focus on your project objectives and budget goals, staff augmentation helps you scale your team with external developers. You skip the tiresome process of hunting, interviewing and selecting a candidate, whereas your partner will present a profile with technical skill and work experience suited for your needs. Ready to join your team.


  • Lower recruitment costs and employment procedures.
  • Individually managed resources, aligned to your goals.
  • Control, since management of the overall project remains in-House.
  • Specially used to onboard specialists in a specific technology or skill.
  • Easy adaptation to changing needs: fast ramp up as requested.



Staff Augmentation is usually priced at an hourly rate per-person. Keep in mind they work on assignments inside your work plan. Therefore, they are task-oriented and not solution-focused. The more time and effort you require should be considered for its budget implications.

Our Augmentation Service

Well Made Software offers Augmentation Service for Customers who have their own software engineering teams and have technical capability to manage some positions remotely. Considering favorable rates and prices in Venezuela, your company will find it much easier to hire Nearshore resources and get the best out of your budget.

Choose first class talent for your business


One-to-One Augmentation

Senior Specialists on the latest technologies to give a hand to your existing teams at developing Apps and Information Systems


Augmented service “On Demand”

Special Rates considering the Development Specialist to be hired at a blended rate according to your team’s needs.

Does your business need a longer-term technical partnership with trusted, experienced and talented software engineers?

Whatever the circumstances, we can provide expertise at the right time, with the skills you need for a successful digital outcome.