Dedicated Teams

The dedicated team model is a good option if your company has projects that will grow over time.

Your in-house team will continue to work on business-oriented tasks and will be able to assemble quickly, without the burden of a hiring process. As your company scales, your dedicated team can merge the newcomers into your work culture, your product and your market goals:

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Established Business


Digital Agencies


Software Companies

Advantages for your business

Maybe software is not your focus, but you’re still a tech-based business. Or your internal staff needs to prioritize other tasks. Maybe you own a software company, but will have others develop applications to run your software. Or perhaps your team doesn’t have the know-how. There are plenty of reasons you may choose to set up a Dedicated Team.

Clearer understanding of your requirements.

Agile Management allows communication.

Costs and budgets are controlled.

It reduces a product’s time to market.


  • Your team will be able to interpret your demands into a fully functional MVP.
  • You can check the team’s progress at request. Tracking tools such as JIRA, Slack, Zoom and others allow one-on-one follow-ups, new directions, corrections and feedback.
  • More flexibility for change towards unclear scopes.
  • The cost of nearshore teams is much lower than within the US.
  • Most startups find it very affordable to outsource dedicated teams.
  • All efforts are centered around one goal. Everyone participating in a project will devout time and efforts to complete tasks of a backlog, therefore, things speed up considerably.

Does your business need a dedicated team?

Our group of specialists in different software disciplines, and infrastructure are available to complete your business project. Well Made Software gathers your requirement and assembles a remote team that will be co-managed by you.