5 Cool examples of must-have features for your next Fintech App Development

5 Cool examples of must-have features for your next Fintech App Development

5 Cool examples of must-have features for your next Fintech App Development

Fintech Apps have transformed the world around us. Amidst pandemic, Users seek to combine data security and financial services into a virus-free digital experience. How can this happen? We have found 5 cool examples of must-have features for Your next Fintech App Development.


Since limited interaction has become our social rule, the use of tools for personal and commercial finance, beyond the credit cards or ATMs have expanded.


Cash seems to be the last resort in financial transactions in 2021. Not only because of Covid-19, but also because Banking and Financial Services have changed as well.

As a result, Fintech startups have widened these options with trendy software and Apps. The coronavirus outbreak has pushed this a little. Consequently, new contenders compete to serve customers through new products. Whether it is mobile money, online lending platforms or blockchain, there are plenty of opportunities.

I bet you have deeply thought about how to develop a disruptive, appealing and really “valuable” Idea. You want to reach out to a lot more people, but how can you enhance traditional banking service? That is to say, skip burdensome controls, assist below-the-line customers and give more value for “smarter” commissions. My team and I have thought about it too.


We have identified some globally famous Fintech Apps. And as a result,  We selected our own top four killer features you must have in 2021.


In case you’re thinking about your own Fintech app development in 2021, you should consider to include the following features:


Use of Blockchain

It is one of the most attractive features for users due to operational security. Nowadays, the use of blockchain technology is also being explored in other contexts. Data immutability and security are highly valuable for medical records and charity donations. Plus, if you’re thinking about flipping your startup, blockchain is very alluring for investors as an appealing and quick talent acquisition.


Be honest and generous

Give your customers something valuable to build loyalty and trust. You could use the “freemium” model to ensure added value to your brand. Lower costs for customer acquisition with zero-fee products.


UI simplicity to guide your Users

Fintech Apps have ceased to be an exclusive domain of the young and the tech-savvy. They have earned their place in every generation’s financial management routine. They have convinced users with interfaces that are simple, fun and do not require in-depth knowledge to nail it. Simplicity and understanding of customers’ needs are at the core of fintech apps.

“Clear and uncluttered interfaces to display more vividly and exactly what the user expects to see is the new normal to Fintech Apps”

A smart UX that allures

Top-ranked Fintech Apps Development in 2021 blends animated workflows into predictive interfaces. They are easy to understand and clearly inform the user operation status. They send real-time notifications, transaction opportunities and spending limits, so that all operations are fully customized to individual needs.

To convey information more vividly, leading fintech apps development integrates functional animations. The elements explaining the process or marking an action complete are intuitive, able to be tailored and fully customizable. In addition, an outstanding functionality should send real-time notifications for new investment opportunities, spendings and limits.


5 Cool feature examples we found in famous Fintech Apps in 2021

  1. Robin hood has its own clearing system and no commission fees investment in stocks, ETFs or cryptocurrencies.
  2. You could invest like a pro, with fintech apps such as eToro whose automatically-led investing track smartly advises to copy the leading traders transactions or to get copied yourself to earn a second income.
  3. Chime app is growing fast in the U.S.A as a mobile-only bank. Chime offers a core suite of fee-free products, allowing users to manage their spending and savings account with no transaction fees.
  4. Nubank at the summit of Fintech Apps in Brazil, stands out for its simple and easy user interface to deliver appealing and innovative Fintech products and services. The app allows its users to track transactions in real time, block their respective credit card, apply for a limit raise and contact customer support.
  5. Coinbase trades a variety of digital assets on its professional asset trading platform, and has a user-facing retail broker of several cryptocurrencies. It also offers an API to build applications and accept payments in digital currencies. This app is the largest cryptocurrency exchange based in the U.S.A. It gives full control and security on investing over time by scheduling buys daily, weekly, or monthly.


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