Winning tips to assemble a successful Software Development Team

Winning tips to assemble a successful Software Development Team

Winning tips to assemble a successful Software Development Team

How can you ensure you get a quality software product in a ‘fixed’ time frame, when all around seems uncertain? 90% of success relies on a good software development team.

There are a lot of things to be worried about these days. Between pandemic and economic recession, you need to complete your projects on time.

Now that the world has shifted to Home office, there is a greater need for efficient team management. We’d like to suggest 10 winning tips that will help you.


Assembling your software development team


Outsourcing staff does not need to be a pain in the neck. Even though you’re probably bootstrapping your way to success, you need to hire wisely.

Having a clear focus of your project, and some outside perspective to enhance your overall vision will impact positively your delivery deadlines. Take a look at our suggestions below:

  1. Identify the roles you need. When assembling a development team you don’t need to become a mass employer. Large teams can get messy! Make sure you select from a skillful pool of senior engineers in the right technology.
  2. Appoint in the first place a Software Architect/DevOps who will figure out your projects using a variety of new and legacy systems, applications, and programming languages.
  3. Consider the number of engineers your project needs for frontend/backend, so that delivery deadlines be realistic and efficiently met.
  4. Select “the dudes that get it done”. You don’t win a World Series even if you set up two teams of rookies. Find the slugger. Senior engineering experts bring the skills and expertise your projects need.
  5. Check your drafts’ work history and experience. The tech industry moves fast. Therefore, you should always perform skills tests to your prospective team members.
  6. Choose the best hiring mode for your business. You have a medium-sized business and have some talent at your disposal? Add up to your in-House team through staff augmentation. Even the Goliaths of IT use outsourced staff augmentation.
  7. Ask for fully dedicated staff to your project.  Pulling resources from other projects may cause delivery delays
  8. Get the right contract terms. No salary, no vacation leaves, no health insurance in pandemic times, no salaries. Your only responsibility becomes Agile co-management.
  9. Nearshoring. In the pursuit of cost effective workforce, many global companies have looked towards Latin America for its comparatively lower costs in IT staff.
  10. Rates and fares. Save between 40% and 70% of costs by hiring outsourced staff in friendly timezones.


Outsourcing can lever your project. Or give you headaches from beginning to end


Choose the option that offers you a hiring modality that can help you take advantage of your in-House team. But if you’re looking for a full team, play safe and outsource the entire project.

Hire Senior-Only talent. Set up your team based on your individual requirements. ensure true agile communication and performance for high quality software and Apps.

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