Hello World ;-) … Why Well Made Software?

Hello World ;-) … Why Well Made Software?

Hello World 😉 … Why Well Made Software?

Well Made Software came up to solve real concerns companies in US & Canada face when hiring Senior Software Engineers for Nearshore Development in Latin America

Hello World! 😉 I am Raúl da Silva and I am glad to introduce our Company.

Well Made Software arises from the strong need of doing a lot better in the landscape of Nearshore Software Engineering companies.

And to make it possible we play safe. On one hand, we hire blue-ribbon engineers we know very well in our location and get them to work for us under the best conditions. On the other hand, we play fair to our dear customers.

Think of Well Made Software as a Bonsai tree: Your business will get all the value of a Big provider with all the control that a Boutique approach can offer. Because your Project needs careful Nourishment and we garden our business to Scale Up with Yours.

Our service is rendered by fully vetted engineers and other specialists to solve your Software and Apps needs through different ways of hiring. Our delivery office is located in Caracas, Venezuela and we also have an incorporated LLC in the US to offer a fully legal face in your country.

We set up software teams to work for customers in the US and Canada and work closely with Decision Makers on blending the right mix of specialists to get their projects developed.

No matter if you are conducting an Established Business, a Software Company or a Well-funded startup, most of the Decision Makers I have interviewed agree that:


Software is a Talent-centered Business

Do not let any provider trick you with one of these Panaceas: Agile framework is THE solution for your project (So, where’s software engineering?), under-the-sleeve-always-available “bench” devs or other “secret sauces”. Vetted Senior Engineers pave your way to success. Don’t settle for less.


Engineers’ talent is valuable only if focused

Do not let any provider “split” your assigned engineers among projects on and on. Quality is about focus, not senseless multitasking.


Honesty is the key

Common sense plus seasons of making software allow us to engage on a fulfilling and lasting relationship avoiding most common bumps you will find in other Nearshore providers.

This is how we do it and we think is the right way, hence:

    • You know who works for you all the time. As simple as it sounds.
    • We don’t do tricky staff “Castling”, we will notice you any staff rearrangement with proper notice.
    • We never over invoice and/or overwork our engineers. This is not acceptable in anyway and it has been identified as the best way to burn them out and rip you off.


We always offer the right engagement method

We assess your current needs to advise the best way of delivery of our services. Team augmentation, dedicated team with results negotiation or a fixed scope/price.

In addition, we will figure out a better way to rearrange the hiring agreements when your projects need it.


We are meticulous at Estimations and do Follow up with transparency

Our engineers know well the tech stacks we work with and they are skilful problem solvers. In fact, we know each of them personally and in performance.

We share the common value of “Doing it unto oneself”. Our Project Managers and Business Analysts communicate constantly with risk mitigation alternatives in mind all the time.


Start growing your own Bonsai with Well Made Software

As the first step before any engagement and because we know you are super busy. We offer a free of charge Ballpark estimate of your project after a phone call and/or receiving your requests in writing.

We deliver our Ballpark estimates within one business day or less.

Helping selected businesses on getting Software Engineering Services delivered by Only Senior specialists.